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We are leaders in offering a white-label technology platform to organizations in the most diverse segments, allowing them to become Telecom Providers and offering their customers mobile phone plans and connectivity services using their own brand.

Through a unique distribution model (B2B2C), we integrate technology as a product within our customers’ portfolio in a fast, flexible and simple way so that they can add value to their business and deliver new options of choices in telephone service, having as a premise of quality and capillarity, reaching all regions of Brazil.

Surf is authorized by Anatel, SMP, STFC and SCM.

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We promote financial inclusion through digital bank account, credit cards, loan services, allowing a greater number of Brazilians to have access to financial services and gain their financial freedom.

With a comprehensive portfolio from a digital bank account to acquisition, we bring simplicity to every experience with our products and services.

Surf Achievements

Ícone: Única Operadora Celular, Longa Distância e Fixa com controle 100% Brasileiro

The unique Cellphone, Long Distance and Fixed Telecom Operator with Brazilian capital control

Ícone: + de 10 segmentos diferentes de atuação

10 + different business segments

Ícone: 1º ranking de pre pago – Operadora que mais cresceu no Pré Pago

1st at prepaid ranking – The Operator that grew the most in Prepaid in 2018/2019

Ícone: Nossas operadoras têm o melhor índice de satisfação dos clientes.

Our operators have the best customer satisfaction index

Ícone: + de 50 operadoras com marca própria

50 + private label operators

Ícone: Clientes em + de 5mil municípios atendidos

Customers in more than 5 thousand municipalities

Ícone: +2MM de pontos de recarga pelo Brasil

2MM+ recharge points throughout Brazil

Ícone: Depósito e Saque em 100% dos municípios do Brasil

Deposit and Withdrawal in 100% of the municipalities in Brazil

Ícone: Milhares de clientes com conta digital

Thousands of customers with digital bank accounts

Ícone: Mais de 15 serviços financeiros

More than 15 financial services

Ícone: Milhões de clientes conectados

Millions of connected customers

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