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We aim to massively transform the lives of more than 100 million unserved Brazilians in two different sectors (telecommunications and finance), offering fairer and more transparent products. We believe that everyone deserves the power to choose a quality service and we know that, together with our partners, we will be stronger to deliver this to society.

That is why we were the first organization to combine telecommunications products and financial services.

We act with respect for everyone, we are inclusive and we deliver digital opportunities.

The two sectors, telecommunications and finance.

Os dois setores, telecomunicação e financeiro

In everything we do we carry our way:

quick to execute, flexible, disruptive, transparent and simple.

We are for everyone. We are Surf.

Executive Team:

Yon Moreira da Silva Jr.

Yon Moreira da Silva Jr.

Founder and CEO
Foto: Davi Fraga

Davi Fraga


Foto Alexandre Pieroni

Alexandre Pieroni


Foto: Hilton Mendes

Carlos Affonso

Foto: Hilton Mendes

Hilton Mendes

Director of New Business

Leadership Structure:

Foto: João Guedes

João Guedes

Financial Director
Foto: Ara Minassian

Ara Minassian

Government Director
Foto: Sebastião Boanerges

Sebastião Boanerges

Director of Engineering and New Technologies
Foto: Veridiana Vieira

Joimar Martins

Commercial Director

Foto: Veridiana Vieira

Alessandro Pisa

Commercial Director

Foto: Fabiana Cazarin

Fabiana Cazarin

Deployment Manager
Foto: Luciana Chiavenato

Luciana Chiavenato

Treasury Manager
Foto: Jéssica Ramalho

Jéssica Ramalho

Legal Manager

Consulting board:

Foto: Mauro Motoryn

Mauro Motoryn

Business strategist

Foto: Luciano Ueta

Luciano Ueta

Business strategist

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