Social responsability

We repay to the society part of the resources it provides us


January / 2019

We act as First Responders supporting the entire rescue team, volunteers and family.

Hcor in time of Pandemic COVID-19

May / 2020

In partnership with Dedalus, Surf donated 1,000 SIM cards with cell phone plans that were destined for Hospital das Clínicas and Hospital Federal Fluminense at a delicate moment for the country and the world, having the vision of being a moment of connection, above all.

Paraisópolis Sanitization:

May / 2020

In partnership with Farma Conde, it participated in a disinfection action using trucks and drones and more than 60 agents, spraying over 20 thousand liters of water and chlorine-based product over houses and establishments and in alleys and difficult access in the largest community of São Paulo – Paraisópolis.

Connection of the Jardim Panorama community

June / 2020

Participation in the Conecta Panorama Project with installation of modems, providing free internet access for the community.

Surf with us

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